Why visit Spiti

If you are someone whose breath is taken away seeing tall majestic mountains, who feels energized and refreshed amongst them, Spiti is a must-visit place. Spiti Valley is a cold desert (sounds ironic, doesn’t it?) with an altitude of around 11000 plus feet, an untamed barren land and a perfect place to raise the adrenaline levels of an adventurer.

As it is a subdivision of Lahaul and Spiti district, it is nicknamed “Little Tibet”. Unsurprisingly, it has similar terrain, climate, culture and traditions as those followed in Tibet.

Spiti was closed to tourist till 1992, and is one of those places which still remains untouched by modern technology. As tourism has started recently, it is a rare gem in the Himalayas which is extremely mesmerizing and yet untouched by the throng of tourists.

Here you can visit monasteries which are as old as 10th century, have mouthwatering local cuisines, visit the world’s highest inhabited motorable village and meet some of the kindest people in the world. The Key monastery is considered to be one of the oldest Buddhist monastery, which dates back to around 996 AD. Spiti is a civilization which has been spiritual since the start, you can find many Buddhist monasteries here.

Also, you will be closer to nature, there’s a very little probability of finding network connection in your cell phones, unless you have a BSNL sim card. There are more than a dozen gorgeous lakes here. Chandratal is a lake not to be missed. Some other spectacular lakes are Suraj Tal, Dhankar and Sopona Lake.