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An unforgettable trip is not only about visiting places, but also a cozy stay. Travellers Shed is an abode for everyone, especially those motorbikers who have spent the last few hours riding along a treacherous and adventurous trail and have finally reached the heart of Spiti Valley - Kaza.

Reckon a place amidst the cold burr of the Great Spiti Valley which provides you with the warmth like your own house. An abode so bespoke for travellers that it caters to all essential needs from food, comfort, stay and fuel to much need machine repairs. A place where you can relax, replenish and reactivate your inner self for the journey ahead.

The travellers shed in Kaza is a thoughtful initiative by 2 riders from Delhi who have handled the grunt of the terrain in its pristine form. The owners - Sahil Wason and Arun Shokeen have been to places where people are still endeavouring to go: Ladakh, Spiti Valley, Sach pass, Jalori Pass, Chansal Pass, killer Kishtwar etc. Having motored through these life altering terrains, these 2 riders thought of providing relief to fellow travellers who wanted respite from the relentless cold which causes the harshest of exhaustion. A pit-stop where travellers can refuel both themselves and their machines.

Armed with bunker beds, double beds (separate rooms), blankets, bornfire, cushions, mattresses, delicious food and extraordinary hospitality, the travellers shed aims at providing a service to remember. To add to the grace of your stay, it has a motorcycle service station - ready and operational to take care of the inevitable wear and tear your motorcycle will go through.


The setup of travellers shed is designed to engage you with other fellow travellers as well, coz the stories we share and hear on the journey are some of the best in our lifespan. Whether you want to tuck in the comfort of your bed-spread, your cuddle in front of a bornfire or simply lie down watching the stars, travellers shed makes it happen for you.

An open terrace with your personal space will allow you to reconnect with your folks over tea, breakfast, lunch and dinner. And Bingo, what matters most – the fuel station is merely 100 meters away from the shed.

So next time your headed for Kaza – Drop in at The Travellers Shed coz its where mind meets matter.

Why leave my comfort zone and venture out to travel

This is a question which many of us ask, ‘Why travel? Why leave my perfectly set routine and go to an unknown place?’

Travel because it removes the monotony from your life. The same ol’ routine, get up early, get ready for your 9-4 job, come back home, eat, sleep, repeat gets a little monotonous and boring, doesn’t it?
‘If you think travelling is dangerous, try routine, it’s lethal.’
And now just imagine packing your bags and travel to places unknown, which are still in total sync and harmony with nature, free from pollution and the ill-effects of technology, a place where you don’t have to follow a set schedule anymore, where you are free to explore, where you can camp underneath the starry sky beside the lake or ride 800 kms of rough terrain on your bike just for the sake of having fun. Doesn’t it sound refreshing and something to look forward to?
Travelling broadens your mind, you learn many new things, you meet new people and get out of your comfort zone. Travelling will make you feel alive. You will make tons of memories on your travels. Also, you get some amazing cool stories. ‘Last summer in Spiti...’ seems like a great icebreaker. Travelling will make you see things from a different perspective.
After all, ‘The world is a book and those who do not travel have just read one page’