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An unforgettable trip is not only about visiting places, but also a cozy stay. Travellers Shed is an abode for everyone, especially those motorbikers who have spent the last few hours riding along a treacherous and adventurous trail and have finally reached the heart of Spiti Valley - Kaza.

Reckon a place amidst the cold burr of the Great Spiti Valley which provides you with the warmth like your own house. An abode so bespoke for travellers that it caters to all essential needs from food, comfort, stay and fuel to much need machine repairs. A place where you can relax, replenish and reactivate your inner self for the journey ahead.

Service Center of Travellers Shed

It is the only property in Kaza which has a dedicated service center for bikers. So, you can stay here and let the Shed service your bike and take care of its needs. Afterall, your bike had a rough journey too! The Travellers Shed also boasts the lowest service cost for bikes in whole Spiti. Also, a bike check up is completely free if you are going to stay here.

There are no television sets here. We encourage you to talk and bond with your mates. Or if you prefer, you can also plug in your device in the Speakers which are in every room and listen or sing loudly or even dance to the music of your choice.


Adventures in Spiti

Spiti is basically a dream come true for all the adventurous junkies out there. Every year, you can find lots of people taking the road to Spiti to try out activities like mountain biking, cycling, trekking along the lesser-known trails, Mountaineering, Camping under the stars and Ice Climbing. You can also experience yak-rides at some villages.

You can go for river rafting in Pin and Spiti Rivers. The adventurist in you will fall in love with the rapid waves as you pass through some of the most stunning views which cannot be reached by land.

Spiti is an ideal place for an adventure motorcyclist. The Spiti circuit is said to be one of the toughest circuit for bike adventurists. And if that isn’t enough to raise the hairs on your arms, the fact that the route has approximately 30 percent of paved and remaining percent of unpaved roads, lots of rocky hairpin turns and numerous stream crossings will surely make the adventurer inside you jump with joy! Also the landscape is stunningly beautiful, it alternates from lush green to barren pretty quickly.